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I am from Rye, N.Y. in Westchester County. Grew up in a family owned restaurant business on the water in New Rochelle N.Y. called the Glen Island Casino. For years I was in hospitality owning the famous Louie Backyard Restaurant on the water in Key West, Florida. After selling Louie Backyard in 1987 I decided to get into financing of real estate and selling. I have resided in Monroe and Broward Counties for 46 years. For 12 years I financed Condo-Hotels and was the leading financing company for this product, BancPlus Financing. Living here I have gotten very knowledgeable of the Broward and Monroe County areas all the way to the Key West. My contacts and knowledge is very strong dealing in both areas of financing and real estate and have been in the business for 27 years totally. In dealing with my clients and having the lay of the land knowledge I express strong demographical information and what is happening in the real estate market from commercial, residential and land. I look to what is the clients “Wants and Needs” because that is most important to me. I don’t ever drop the ball when dealing with my clients and are at their beckon 24/7

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