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Brightline and The Wave, Florida’s Planned Train and Streetcar Systems

Coloney Group 14/03/2016

Left image by Brightline. Right image by Wave Streetcar


“Sleek, modern, and 100% American made. This is Brightline. The express train service that’s coming to Florida in the form of a brightly colored fleet connected to a high-tech locomotive.

Designed with their guests and optimal efficiency in mind, their locomotive and passenger cars are being manufactured in California by Siemens USA, the global powerhouse of innovative train-builders. And a fuel-efficient Cummins diesel-electric engine built in the heart of Indiana will power the locomotive with 16 cylinders pumping up to 4400 horsepower for optimum reliability and consistency. The lightweight engine is designed to have lower emissions and reduced noise, plus positive pressure clean air management and energy efficient LED lighting throughout. It’s their smart locomotive that is powering your trip.

The ingenuity of their train service is obvious both inside and out. From the fun of trying to ride each of the bright orange, green, pink, blue and red colored cars, to simply enjoying your view out of their giant picture windows that are perfectly aligned with every seat.

Choose between two tiers of available seating options – Smart and Select – and enjoy free Wi-Fi, smartly placed power outlets, and custom built leather seats with plenty of room and multiple seating configurations! Within each tier, there will be a quiet car where you can work or relax, and a social car for when you’re traveling with family, friends or colleagues.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine delivered right to your seat or check out a new take on a train café car designed to meet your every need; stocked full of quality food and drink options, wine and local beers, a retail store, souvenirs and entertainment.”


The Wave Streetcar

The Wave Modern Streetcar is a 2.8-mile streetcar system that will serve as a local circulator in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Once people get to Downtown, they will have a viable transportation option that will help them to transport “beyond the car” by using The Wave, to move around quickly and safely.

It is expected that, once completed, the Wave will encourage private investment to bring new housing, shops, restaurants and retail opportunities. It is also expected to connect Downtown’s many points of interest and link to the regional transit network.

The Wave is environmentally sound. The streetcar is powered by electricity, which when compared to gasoline, significantly reduces emissions and harmful air pollutants. It also provides a quiet ride, unlike the bus that operates on a noisy combustion engine. Additionally, the streetcar glides on steel wheels while the bus uses rubber tires that are not environmentally sound and are difficult to dispose of.

In early 2014, it was announced that the Wave Streetcar project was recommended for $50 million in Small Starts grant funding in the Fiscal Year 2015 United States Department of Transportation budget, providing additional funding required to design and construct the project. A consultant is being procured for the Final Design of the project which will be completed during 2014-2015. Technical specifications are being developed for the procurement of the streetcar vehicles with a goal of receiving delivery of the vehicles in 2017.