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New cash regulation in Miami leaves Ft. Lauderdale best place to invest 2016

Coloney Group 19/02/2016

As international investors seek new opportunities within the U.S., real estate and additional developing markets continue to attract attention. At the Coloney Group, we work with investors from around the world and aim to find the best investment opportunities in Florida.

Recently, Miami-Dade has begun to explore the possibility of implementing additional verification requirements for international investors and partners. These new checkpoints could reveal investor information for international buyers, like full names, addresses, and country of origin. Law enforcement has said this is necessary to minimize money laundering and other kinds of crime. The Coloney Group recognizes that all cash transactions are necessary in real estate to expedite the process, so we are helping our clients invest in Ft. Lauderdale in addition to Miami.

Ft. Lauderdale presents several opportunities for the discerning investor and first time homebuyer alike. The rental market is extremely strong. Prices are as high as ever and inventory is extremely low, which makes a great scenario for landlords/investors. Fort Lauderdale has been consistently listed as 1 of the top favorable investor markets in the nation. It’s a remarkable time to invest and purchase properties here.

The Coloney Group can help you find the investment property or home of your dreams. We work with agents and professionals all over Florida, and can guide you through all of the processes necessary to obtain property. The Coloney Group also can share access to our exclusive listings.

If you are considering Florida as your next investment destination or as the location of your future home, be sure to reach out to our trusted, world class real estate gurus at The Coloney Group. We consider each client a partner and can pull from over three decades of experience in Florida to reach your goals. Give us a call today to discuss your needs