How Miami Can Attract More Chinese Investors

Coloney Group 05/10/2015

How Miami Can Attract More Chinese Investors

By Jennifer LeClaire

October 5, 2015

MIAMI—Miami is increasingly becoming a focus of attention for Chinese buyers and investors. Developers are traveling to China to market their condos and raising the city’s profile among wealthy Chinese. caught up with Arnstein & Lehr partnerAnthony Kang to discuss ways to make Miami a more inviting place for Chinese buyers and gives tips on how to bridge the cultural gap. Kang, who is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, represents Chinese and Taiwanese entities and individuals from South Florida and abroad. He focuses on business transaction, commercial litigation and real estate. What does Miami need to work on in order to help attract Chinese buyers and investors to our city?

Kang: A direct flight from Asia would be a giant step forward. Having more organized trade groups and business associations intended to serve Chinese buyers and investors would also make a difference.

Meanwhile, we should work on many of the things that simply would make us a more attractive city for all newcomers and residents alike. Things such as raising and maintaining the standard of secondary schools and institutions of higher education, promoting industries and businesses beyond tourism, and providing strong and trustworthy professional services.

Moreover, just as foreign investors from Latin America may feel more comfortable working with real estate agents, lawyers, and developers who speak Spanish, many Chinese business people prefer to communicate in Mandarin Chinese. Therefore, having at team members and professionals who speak the language and understand their culture can create a competitive advantage.

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